Psychosis is a medical condition that is characterized by a person’s loss of contact with reality. It affects their thoughts, perceptions, and/or behaviours. Psychosis is commonly associated with schizophrenia, and sometimes with depression and bipolar disorder. It can also be a result of illicit drug use. Please see below for organizations that can provide more information about psychosis–what it is, how to cope with it, and treatment possibilities.




Cannabis & Psychosis - Exploring the Linkinfo@cannabisandpsychosis.caEducating individuals on the link between cannabis and psychosis from experts and people with first hand experience [E/F]Canada
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 416-535-8501
1-800 463-2338
Information on the symptoms of psychosis [E]ON
Continuum Santé Mentale Jeuness (Clinique JAP) 514-890-8242Services for youth aged 18-30 who have psychosis and live in the area served by the CSSS Jeanne-Mance et Coeur-de-l'île [F]Montreal
CAYR (Douglas Hospital)514-761-6131 x3381Assessment and prevention for youth at risk of psychosis [E/F] (referral needed)Montreal (Verdun)
Early Psychosis InterventionWebsiteInfo on symptoms and treatment of psychosis for youth [E]BC
Early Psychosis Intervention Centre (EPIC)514-934-1934 x36178Treatment and prevention for first-episode psychosis [E/F] (referral needed)Montreal
Mind Your Mind (MYM)WebsiteExtensive information on psychosis, treatment options, and myths [E]Canada
Mood Disorders Association of Ontario1-888-486-8236Information on early psychosis in young people [E]ON
PEPP-Montreal (Douglas Hospital)514-888-4453Early intervention psychosis treatment for 1st episodes in people 14-35 [E/F] (referral needed)Montreal (Verdun)
PEPP-MUHC514-934-1934 x 34599 or 514-226-1464Help provide treatment for youth aged 17-35 experiencing their first episode of psychosis [E/F] (referral needed)Montreal
Psychosis 1011 888-495-7830
Information on symptoms, myths, and treatment of psychosis [E/F]ON