Family Support and Organizations

Support can make a significant difference to both people struggling with mental health challenges and their families. The organizations listed below can help!

AMI-Quebec has many programs to help families cope with mental illness in a loved one. Consider attending one of our support groups (including one for family members only), a workshop, or booking an appointment with one of our counsellors (for family members only).




L'Accolade Santé Mentale 450-699-7059
Information, support, indiv. & family counseling [E/mostly F]Montreal (South Shore)
Agence Ometz514-342-0000Social services, provides support to families (mainly Jewish) of mentally ill [E/F]Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges & West Island)
Support, education, info, resources for families, indiv. & family counseling [E/mostly F]Montreal (Laval)
Support, helpline, info, rights, workshops, consultations, resource linkage; mostly for caregivers [F]QC (St.Jérôme)
Amcal Family Services514-694-3161Various services for families with any difficulties; workshops, residences [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
APAMM-RS450-766-0524Support, accompaniment, counseling, education, info, resources for families [E/F/S]Montreal (South Shore)
L'Appui Pour Les Proches Aidant D'Aînés1-855-852-7784Information, referral, listening service and extensive directory for caregivers of elderly people [E/mostly F]QC
Arborescence (formerly AQPAMM)514-524-7131Support, workshops, self-help groups, resources for families & caregivers [F]QC
Association des Parents et Amis de l'Hôpital Rivière-des-Prairies 514-323-7260 x2215Association of parents providing info to other parents of children with mental illness [F]Montreal (North)
Association des Parents pour la Santé Mentale (APSM)514-744-5218Support, education, info, resources for families [F]Montreal (St. Laurent & Bordeaux-Cartierville)
CAP Santé Mentale (Avant de craquer)1-855-272-7837Information and support for caregivers [F]QC
Le Centre de soutien en santé mentale - Montérégie450-677-4347
Monthly meetings, info and resources [F]Montreal (Longueuil)
Centre AHAVAS514-737-3029Orthodox Jewish family social services, advocacy, referrals [E/F/H]Montreal (Mont-Royal)
Centre Greene514-931-6202Monthly Caregiver's Tea group meetings, resources. [E/F]Montreal (Westmount)
CFMWS514-457-3440 x3113 (Montreal Family Peer Support Coordinator)Peer support for families of Canadian Forces personnel and veterans [E/F]Canada (local chapters across the country)
Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance1-800-826-3632Referrals & education about depression/ bipolar disorder [E]USA
The Family Resource Centre514-676-7775Individual & family counselling, workshops for parents and children, parent support groups [E]Montreal (Pierrefonds)
Friends for Mental Health514-636-6885Support groups and counseling for caregivers only [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
Jeffery Hale - Saint Brigid's418-684-5333
Offers health care services to families in the Quebec region
Ligne Parents1-800-361-508524/7 phone counseling & support for parents of children & teens [E/F]QC
Mental Health Estrie819-565-3777Support groups, education, info, resources for families [E]QC (Eastern Townships)
NAMI703-524-7600Support for families who have a loved one living with mental illness [E]USA
NOVA514-866-6801In-home support & nursing, "Respite for Caregiver" program [E/F]Montreal (Westmount)
Information, support groups, accompaniment, resources for families [E/F]QC (Granby)
PABEMSOM514-368-4824Workshops, indiv. consultations, information, resources, activities, etc. for families of mentally ill [F]Montreal (Verdun)
La Parentrie514-385-6786Support groups, counseling, education, etc. for families of mentally ill [F]Montreal (Ahuntsic)
Le Phare450-773-7202
Support groups for family and friends of individuals suffering from mental illness, accompaniment, interventions for families [F,S]QC (Saint-Hyacinthe)
Le Pont du Suroît450-377-3126
Intervention services, counseling, education and training [F]Suroît (QC)
Premiere Ressource - Aide Aux Parents514-525-2573
Free counseling line for parents & children concerning family issues [E/F]Montreal
Reconnect Community Health Services416-248-2050Support and information for families with a loved one living with mental illness. [E]Toronto, ON
Société Québécoise de la Schizophrénie514-251-4125
Info, education, referrals, support activities for schizophrenia [E/mainly F]QC
Tactics Resource Services (Linda Aber)514-487-3533Group therapy, workshops, parenting skills, coaching, resources, etc. [E]Montreal