Crisis Intervention

Sometimes a situation requires urgent attention. If you or someone you love is in danger, call 911, or 811, or go to your local hospital. For crisis intervention numbers and links, please see below.

If you or if someone you love is thinking or talking about suicide, you can also click here for places that can help.

Please note: AMI-Quebec helps families cope with mental health problems and illnesses in a loved one. We are not a crisis centre; contact the organizations below for help.




Association Iris514-388-9233Counseling, short-term housing, mobile intervention, 24 hour crisis line [F]Montreal (North)
CAFE Program811 (must ask for CAFE Program)Crisis intervention for youth (5-17 years old), family approach, intensive to short-term follow-up, home visits [E/F/Other with interpreter]CLSCs in Quebec
Centre L'Autre Maison514-768-7225Crisis intervention line, follow-up & counseling, short-term housing [E/F]Montreal (South-West)
Équipe Mobile de Crise Résolution514-351-9592Mobile intervention, counseling, short-term housing, 24 hour crisis line [E, mostly F]Montreal (East)
Regroupement des Services d'Intervention de Crise du QuébecWebsiteA list of crisis centres in various regions of Quebec [F]Quebec
Suicide Action Montreal1-866-277-3553Education, bereavement support, 24 hour crisis line [E/F]Montreal
Tracom514-483-3033Short-term shelter, community follow up, outreach, 24 hour crisis line; also support for families, friends, and professionals [E/F]Montreal
Le Transit514-282-7753Crisis intervention centre, short-term shelter, 24 hour crisis line [F]Montreal (Centre/East)
West Island Crisis Centre514-684-6160Crisis line, counseling, short-term housing, mobile intervention - all 24/7 [E/F]Montreal (West Island)