AMI-Quebec has a hoarding support group that meets once a month. Please click HERE for details. We also have a workshop called Hoard No More that can help you manage the challenges associated with hoarding. Click HERE for details.

For more information about hoarding, please click HERE or consult one of the organizations below.




Assistance and Referral Centreinfo@arc-hss.caEasy access listing of regional English-language health services (CLSCs, CSSS, Hospitals, etc.) [E]Montreal (South Shore)
Children of HoardersWebsiteResources and support groups for those who have parents who are hoarders [E]Online
Compulsive HoardingWebsiteInformation, resources, research and questionnaires about hoarding [E]Online
eMental HealthWebsiteFact sheet, helpline, and resources for hoarding [E/F]Online
Groupe de Parole sur l'Accumulation Compulsive514-933-7541 x58442Free support group on the 2nd Wednesday of the month for people living with hoarding [F]Montreal (Verdun)
Hoarding of Animals Research ConsortiumWebsiteInformation about animal hoarding, helping a family member [E]USA
International OCD Foundation617-973-5801Help, and information for hoarding [E]USA
Mayo ClinicWebsiteInformation about prevention, symptoms, causes, treatments, etc. [E]USA
PsyMontreal514-337-2473 x 0Psychotherapy and coaching for individuals with compulsive hoarding [E/F]Montreal