Young Carers Resource List

If you are a young person who is affected by or cares for a family member or friend who has a chronic illness, disability, mental health or substance use issue and/or problems related to old age, or if you care about someone who is a young carer, these resources are for you! 

Not seeing what you need? Try our Children and Youth or Caregiving-related issues resource lists. 

To learn more about young carers visit our Young Carers page, or visit our collection of toolkits and guides for young carers.

Help Lines

Kids Help Phone1-800-668-6868 

First Nations & Inuit Hope For Wellness Helpline1-855-242-3310

LGBTQ+ Helpline1-866-488-7386

Dedicated Services 

These services are tailor-made for young carers and young adult carers.

AMI-Quebec514-486-1448For 18-30 year olds supporting a loved one with a mental illness: Young Family and Friends support group, guidance and counselling, resources, and advocacy [Primarily E]Quebec
Young Caregivers Association905-397-4201
Email to register:
For youth under 25 with a family member with a disability, mental illness, or chronic illness: Online Powerhouse Virtual Workshops for ages 5-12, 12-17, and 17-25 [E]Canada
CAP Santé Mentale (Réseau Avant de Craquer – Projet Aider Sans Filtre)1-855-272-7837For 12-25 year olds supporting a loved one with a mental illness: Support groups, workshops, psychosocial support, and information. Exact services depend on each member organization. Several are developing special supports for young carers like the Anna et la Mer Workshops for ages 7-17! [Primarily F]Quebec
Friends For Mental Health-Amis de la santé mentale514-636-6885
Text: 438-922-0500
For youth aged 12-25 supporting a loved one with a mental illness: Text support line Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 5pm and 8pm [E/F]West Island (Montreal)
Arborescence514-524-7131 x108
Individual support & group mental health workshops for 12-25 year olds supporting a loved one with a mental health issue. Also kiosques, training, workshops for adults helping a young carer. [Primarily French, English individual support]Montreal East, Centre-South, & North

Specialized Services

These services address the needs of youth who support a loved one based on the condition their loved one struggles with, their identity, or their relationship with their loved one. Many primarily serve people with certain conditions, but are noted here because they also provide support to caregivers. Check our Special Populations resource list for more. 

Find a Caregiver Service in QuebecAppui 1-855-852-7784Resource directory for finding support, and Caregiver Support Helpline / Info-Aidant [E/F]Quebec
Find a Caregiver Service in QuebecProche Aidance Quebec 514-524-1959Information and advocacy for family caregivers. Services dependent on members. Visit their members directory to find an organization near you. [Primarily F]Quebec
Find a Caregiver Service in CanadaCanadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence 416-322-5928Events, information, and advocacy for family caregivers. [E/F]Canada
2SLGBTQ+Fondation Emergence - Famille Choisi 438-384-1058Support groups, workshops, and information for 2SLGBTQ+ family caregivers. [F]Montreal
2SLGBTQ+P10 514-989-0001Support groups, workshops, and information for 2SLGBTQ+ youth. [E/F]Montreal
AddictionChabad Lifeline 514-738-7700For families: individual psychosocial support, support groups and family workshops. Also support for people living with addiction [E]Montreal
Alzheimer'sFederation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies 1-888-636-6473For family caregivers: Guidance, respite, support groups, art therapy, counseling, and intake/referrals. Visit site for your local chapter. Services for those living with Alzheimer's. [E/F]Quebec
Autism / NeurodivergenceAide Canada OnlineFor family caregivers: Directory of “Family support” including respite, psychosocial support. The wider directory features support services for the neurodivergent community, information, and events. [E/F/Other]Canada
Brain TraumaConnexion TCC.QC 514-543-4800For family caregivers: Respite, individual support, support groups, workshops, and activities. Visit their site to find your nearest association and be connected to resources for those with a traumatic brain injury. [Primarily F]Montreal
CancerQuebec Cancer Foundation 1-800-363-0063For family caregivers: Laughter Yoga, Coffee Get Togethers, Telephone support line and peer matching. Services for those with a cancer diagnosis. [E/F]Quebec
GrievingDeuil Jeunesse 1-855-889-3666Tools, crisis appointments, individual support, parental support, couples support, family support, and support groups for youth going through the grieving process (7-11 yrs, 12-17, and adults). [Primarily F]Quebec
ImmigrantsACCESSS 514-287-1106For family caregivers: support groups for adults, accompaniment, and referral. Direct support for immigrants. [E/F/Other]Quebec
Intellectual DisabilityAide Canada OnlineFor family caregivers: Directory of “Family support” including respite, psychosocial support. The wider directory features support services, information, and events for people with an intellectual disability. [E/F/Other]Canada
Mental HealthCAP Santé Mentale (Avant de Craquer) 1-855-272-7837Information for people supporting a loved one with a mental illness and directory of organizations with support groups, respite, workshops, and psychosocial support. [Primarily F]Quebec
Mental Health - PsychosisJewish General Hospital First Episode Psychosis 514-340-8222 x24213Treats patients 16-30 experiencing their first psychotic episode, and helps families through support groups and counselling [E/F]Montreal
Mental Health - SchizophreniaSociété Québécoise de la Schizophrénie 514-251-4125
Ligne d'écoute
For family caregivers: Psychosocial support, family peer support, support groups, training, ligne d'écoute. Services for people living with schizophrenia. [Primarily F]Quebec
Neurodegenerative Disabilities / Cognitive DisordersLe Temps d’une Pause 514-373-9851Respite, psychosocial support, training, and workshops for caregivers of those with cognitive disorders, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Frontotemporal or vascular disease [F]Montreal
SiblingsSiblings Canada 416-322-5928Events, information, workshops and mentorship program for siblings of people with disabilities or mental illness. [Primarily E]Canada
WomenYWCA Montreal 514-866-9941 x226Personalized individual counseling, listening and referral, group support, and relaxation and wellness activities for women providing care to an elderly loved one. [E/F]Montreal