Sexuality and Sexual Orientation

Issues surrounding sexuality and sexual orientation can cause symptoms of anxiety or depression. LGBTQ individuals can experience worse mental health outcomes as the result of prejudice and other biases they struggle against and the accompanying trauma they may experience. If you or someone you love is struggling with sexuality, please contact the organizations below.




AgirWebsiteSupport for LGBTQ immigrants and refugees [E/F]Montreal
ASTTEQ514-847-0067 x207Promoting health and well-being of trans people [E/F]QC (Montreal)
Centre de Solidarite Lesbienne514-526-2452Support and aid for lesbian women [F]Montreal
Centre for Gender Advocacy514-848-2424 x7431Drop-in and by appointment peer support and advocacy. Providing access to resources (including multimedia resources) to the Concordia and Greater Montreal community. [E]Montreal (Ville-Marie)
Community Centre for Gays and Lesbians of Montreal514-528-8424Drop-in centre, support, legal information, library, meetings [E/F]Montreal (Ville-Marie)
Gai Écoute514-866-0103
Info, listening, referrals, support re: sexual orientation by phone and web-chat [E/F]QC
LGBTQ Youth Centre514-794-5428Drop-in centre & outings for LGBTQ youth, resources, information, group for parents [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
McGill Sexual Identity Centre514-934-1934 x43585Specialized mental health services for individuals, couples, families [E/F]Montreal
Project 10514-989-4585 Listening line, peer couns., advocacy, accomp., workshops, referal to therapists [E/F] (ages 14-25)Montreal
Sexuality and U.caWebsiteInformation on sexuality, safer sex, sexual orientation, etc. [E/F]Canada