Kids Impacting Kids: Helping Parents Cope

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This workshop will be held in person at the AMI office, 5800 Decarie, Montreal.

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Kids Impacting Kids: Helping Parents Cope

When children have a sibling who is unwell, they can feel confused, scared, left out or guilty for expressing their needs. As a parent, you might notice that they pick up stress or strong emotions from the family, or begin to act out or become less outgoing.

This group is an invitation to join us for an open discussion, where we can explore together the challenges you may face and how to address them.  

  • Can we openly discuss how kids are impacted by disability, chronic illness and mental health challenges in their sibling?
  • How can their needs be recognized and addressed? 
  • How can challenges associated with illness of one child be mitigated?
  • How can you best address both the ill child and their siblings?

This group is for parents/guardians of at least two children, one of whom experiences mental health challenges, disability or chronic illness. Couples are encouraged to attend together, and we welcome all primary guardians to register.

November 23, 2023
With Oliver Fitzpatrick and Ella Amir
At the AMI office
5800 Decarie, Montreal

You may also be interested in our other workshops. Click HERE for details. 

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