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Fall 2020

Back to School: Supporting Youth (and Parents too!)
How to support kids’ and teens’ mental health during the COVID-9 pandemic” on
“How to build children’s resilience, and your own, amid coronavirus unknowns” on

Is COVID-19 making us all obsessive-compulsive?
“Are we all OCD now?” on

Recovery and Social Circles
“The Recovery Model” on

“Recovery: Stressing the Social Basis of the Process” on

Summer 2020

Feeling grief during a pandemic
Original article “That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief” on

The Emotional Pyramid of Needs

We Have to Grieve in Order to Avoid Trauma
Gabor Mate’s website
Original article “The way to get through these terrible times is to let them make you sad” on The

Spring 2020

You can do it! A free tool that will improve your life

What to do if someone you know is suicidal

Crisis Centre BC

Crisis Services Canada

Stop a Suicide Today

My brother/sister has mental illness. What about me?

Siblings: Forgotten Family Members

The British Psychological Society

Winter 2020

Animals as Superheroes: The Mental Health Benefits of Having a Pet

What is Caregiver Burnout?

Seasonal Affective Disorder
Mind Your Mind

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Caregiver Myths Debunked


Fall 2019

Positive Psychology: An In-Depth Look
Positive Psychology Canada
Psychology Today
Peterson, C., & Park, N. (2014). Meaning and positive psychology.” International Journal of Existential Psychology & Psychotherapy, 5(1), 2-8.
Positive Psychology Center