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Caregiver Group

Mental illness in a loved one is a ‘family affair’; it takes its toll and affects families too. Does this sound familiar? This group may be for you…

Hot Topics: Men’s Mental Health

There is a culture in our society that men have to be tough, have to be strong. This can lead to men not reaching out for help when a mental health issue may be present. Join us live, online on November 17th as we talk about how to find help or encourage someone to get help.

Caregivers 55+

Getting older while still having to take care of a loved one with mental health challenges can be difficult. This free 3 part workshop can help.

Coping Skills

Dedicated to solving one of the stickiest worries for caregivers: how to deal with stressful situations and keep harmony in the family.

Aging Well With Mental Illness

Are you living with mental illness and over 55? This workshop will explore managing difficult emotions, boundaries, communicating feelings, self-care, and more.