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Social Media and Caregiving

Curious to know if social media is good for caregivers? Does it cause more harm than good? Learn more by reading our article.

The Emotional Pyramid of Needs

Susan David, PhD, has come up with an "emotional needs" pyramid that looks at how we feel and how we can deal with these emotions.

Living Through a Pandemic with an Anxiety Disorder

Gabrielle shares her personal story and her experience of living through the COVID pandemic with an anxiety disorder.

Feeling grief during a pandemic

Grief can have a huge impact on our lives, especially during these pandemic times. Learn how we experience grief and how we can live with it.

Experiencing Parental Guilt

Guilt is a normal emotion for a parent with a child of any age diagnosed with a mental illness. Learn how to alleviate this guilt.

My brother/sister has mental illness. What about me?

Often times people forget about the sibling of someone with a mental illness. Learn more about what they might be going through.

You can do it! A free tool that will improve your life

If someone handed you a free tool that would give you more energy, better sleep, reduce your stress, and improve your mood, you would take it, wouldn’t you?

Animals as Superheroes: The Mental Health Benefits of Having a Pet

Animals can have a significant impact on our well-being. Discover the benefits of pets on mental health and how they can improve your life.

What is Caregiver Burnout?

Are you a family caregiver and aren't sure if you are experiencing burnout? Learn more about symptoms and how you can help yourself.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Just the Winter Blues?

What is seasonal affective disorder(SAD)? Is it something you feel just in the winter? How can you help yourself or your loved one with SAD?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Trauma Can Affect Anyone

Want to better understand post-traumatic stress disorder? Read our article for more information on PTSD and treatment options.

Caregiver Myths Debunked

Do you think you might be a caregiver but aren't sure? Want to know what a caregiver is? Read our article to learn more about caregiver myths.

Top Free Mental Health Apps

Did you know that there are free apps that can help with your mental health? Click here to learn about free apps that are available!

Positive Psychology: An In-Depth Look

Can “thinking happy thoughts” actually make a difference? Learn about positive psychology and how you can practice it.

AMI-Quebec’s Education and Outreach Program

Meet Tony Alfonso, AMI's Outreach Coordinator!

Quick Tips to Reduce Your Anxiety

Feeling anxious? Struggling with anxiety? Here are some things to try.

Tips for families struggling with mental illness

Mental illnesses often present challenges for family members. Families can play a critical role in helping loved ones recover, but it’s not easy! Here are some helpful tips.

It’s hot out there! How to take care of yourself and your loved ones

Take a look at these important suggestions.

Stigma on Campus

Take a look at some initiatives organized by student groups on campus to tackle stigma against mental illness.

How the voice of one can change the lives of many

Every movement starts with one idea, one voice. It's time to stop the stigma that surrounds mental illness!

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